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Lakemont Park has always made it a priority to give to worthy causes.

We receive numerous charitable requests, and while it would be impossible for us to fulfill all the requests we receive, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to support as many as possible.

If you would like to request All-Day Ride & Slide Pass for your charity event please follow our
Donation Request Guidelines.

Donation requests must be sent at least 3-5 weeks prior to the event.

Donation Request Guidelines:

  • Your Donation Request Letter should be on Letterhead from the Organization
  • If you don't have official Letterhead, please send an Official Flyer about the Event
  • The request letter needs to include: Date of the Event, Reason for the Event,
    Type of Fundraiser
  • The request letter needs to also include: Name and Address of where the donation can be sent
  • Type of organization &/ or Nonprofit ID # for tax purposes
  • Request Letter Should be signed by group representative
  • Duplicate request will not be honored
  • Requests must be sent via regular mail
  • We do not send monetary donations

Please MAIL Your Donation Request and Event Flyer with your information to :

Lakemont Park
Attn: Chris
700 Park Ave
Altoona, PA 16602

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